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The British brand Finisterre builds the concepts of their collections all around the needs of cold-water surfers. Finisterre is the only cold-water surf company in the world. You might start freezing just by the mere thought of it but real surfing is an obsessive passion. Believe me for I have been on a board wearing a two-finger-thick wetsuit just to catch the best wave. Committed to designing innovative products for surfers frequenting the world’s coldest waves, their new range of striped Merino covers the first set of garments reached for when changing out of a wetsuit. Pre- and post-surf, Merino maintains its warmth when wet, wicks away seawater from the skin, dries quickly and also breathes once warmed up. The brand has been designing Merino base layers for over six years, building them around the specific needs of cold-water surfers and testing them with a band of committed surfers.

Head over to the company’s website to see all the products and read about their history. Don’t miss to check out their always up to date UK Surf Forecast.

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