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During Berlin’s Gallery Weekend a very special video installation was presented at MADE Space5 Cuts | A Visual Dialogue with Yohji Yamamoto is a video project featuring an interview-style film, portraying Yohji Yamamoto. The famed Japanese designer talks about essential and emotional topics like generation, life and love. While he talks, the camera is very close, so close that every micro-expression on his gracefully-aged face is fully visible. When he pauses, he takes his time to think about every word carefully, with a devotion for every sentence so the observer can actually feel the words coming from his lips.

The artist himself was present and after the screening thanked the selected audience for attending and the MADE team for their great work. Afterwards, many guests used the provided headphones to watch the video again and some even another time.

You can see 5 Cuts exclusively at MADE Space until May 5.

MADE Space
Alexanderstrasse 7, #9
10178 Berlin, Germany


Photography: Dennis Drobny/Georgia Reeve/Nils Krüger

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