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Rollin Hunt

Rollin Hunt is a musical messiah and filmmaker from the fifth dimension who now divides his time between Chicago and Los Angeles. His smoky voice has a strong but vulnerable lilt, and the tunes he lets it ride on give you the feeling of drinking a few DM cough syrup and ginger beer cocktails before being encased in warm amber and airlifted to a real tight party with some dancing and some chilling on a brisk fire escape. 

Produced by the Windy City’s Doni Schroader, Hunt’s new record, The Phoney, is out today on Moniker Records. Below we talk about sounds, clothes and being a god.

Do the clothes make the messiah?

I’d think the messiah makes the clothes.

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Many of the songs on The Phoney seem to cherry-pick riffs and melodies from many eras without getting bogged in lesser pools of audio nostalgia. Do you take a similar approach to selecting clothing?

I think, and this relates to both my music and clothes, that I grab a lot of stuff and then slowly take them off until I’m dressed appropriately for public. Also, I try to wear durable things since I usually find myself in physically demanding situations and often my clothes are quickly destroyed.

Are there any remarkable differences between Chicago and L.A. when it comes to musical and sartorial inspiration?

I suppose the remarkable difference is totally based on the weather and how the climate affects people mentally. I guess L.A. is outward and Chicago is inward.

Rollin Hunt

With your background in film, do you find yourself thinking about new songs visually as well as sonically?

Yes and vise versa. I think that music and movies are so tied together in peoples heads. Every song I write has a visual influence.

How do people dress in the fifth dimension.

Pants are two separate pieces.

Rollin Hunt
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