Hands down, there is no other means of preparing food that even comes close to the awesomeness of barbecuing. Just imagining the mesmerizing sight of open flames, the sizzling sound of raw meat touching the scalding hot grill, spicy marinades, and cans of chilled beer makes me want to set up a grill right here, right now at my office desk and barbecue the shit out of some fine steaks. In order to make this already exceptional experience even more enjoyable, we scavenged the web for some gadgets and accessories to spice up your upcoming BBQ party.



There is no better excuse for fiddling around with your phone on a barbecue than the iGrill. Equipped with long-range Bluetooth, a number of amazing features, and a newly upgraded app, this device turns your Apple or Android phone into the most advanced cooking thermometer there is. Get this amazing gadget here.


Koko Charcoal

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Made from 100% coconut fiber, Koko Charcoal burns quicker, longer, cleaner and hotter without any added chemicals, making it a healthy, more efficient and eco-friendly alternative to ordinary charcoal. It is available here.


BBQ Branding Iron

Make sure the right steak ends up on your plate with the BBQ Branding Iron. Just spell out your name with the included letters and sear it into the flesh to mark what is rightfully yours. Pick up your iron over here.


Parks and Recreation Ron Swanson BBQ Sauce

Whether you are going to prepare Ron Swanson’s signature Turkey Burgers (a grilled hamburger stuffed with a fried turkey leg) or some other delicious grilled meat dish, be sure to top it off with some of the original Parks and Recreation Ron Swanson BBQ Sauce. You can pick up a jar over here.


Pizza Que Grill Stone

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Preparing pizza on a grill? Make it happen with the Pizza Stone. The porous clay stone absorbs the grill’s heat resulting in an unchallenged crispy crust and sizzling hot toppings and cheese. It even features a built-in thermometer to keep track of grill temperatures. Head over here now to get yours.


Outset 2-Ounce Marinade Injector

Heading to a last minute BBQ and you can’t or don’t want to wait until that sweet homemade marinade soaks through your steak? Inject that flavor directly with the Marinade Injector. Get it here.


Bourbon Grill Wood

Treat your meat with the unique flavor of your favorite liquor. Made of repurposed barrel staves, Bourbon Barrel Grill Wood adds a distinct smoked whiskey flavor to your grilled meats. Pick it up here.


Cool Jams iPod Ready Portable Party Cooler

Whether you take it to the beach, camping or just your backyard, this cooler keeps your brews chilled and the music rockin’. Apart from holding up to 72 cans plus ice, it features two amplified built-in speakers to connect your iPod or similar MP3 players to. Head over here to cop one for your next BBQ party.


Pit Mitt

Save your hands from accidental burns with the Pit Mitt. Made of aramid fibers, it offers heat resistance up to 475°F. An extra long stretchable cuff offers additional forearm protection. Get it here.


 Condiment Gun

Also a great way to settle claims over the last piece of meat (team ketchup vs. team mustard), this gun-shaped sauce dispenser comes with two refillable cartridges. Just load them with the condiment of your choice and fire it on your favorite foods… or at your least favorite party guest. Buy yours here.


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