Like every week in the past and all weeks to come, this one has come to an end. Before heading into the endless possibilities of next week, however, we take a look back at what some of our lovely readers had to say. As always this week’s topics run the gamut from Highsnobiety regulars like A Bathing Ape and Nike to a few newcomers like Miley Cyrus and CERN. We also dug in to the active comments section of our Instagram page for the first time in order to include the more mobile-inclined among us in the conversation. Check out all 10 below and join us next week for another exciting roundup of the week’s best comments.


#10 commented on: CERN Celebrates 20 Years of Internet by Restoring the World’s First Website

ChrisU: No nude chicks, no architecture shots, no food pics, no vintage clothing/motorcycles. Worst Tumblr ever.


#9 commented on: A Bathing Ape x Candies “BAPE Head” iPhone 5 Case

Ian Francis: does it come with cargo shorts or do i have to carry it in my hand everywhere i go?


#8 commented on: Artist Barbara Kruger Responds to the Supreme Lawsuit

Alexander Michel: Seems like a case for the Supreme Court.


#7 commented on: Nike Mercurial Vapor IX SE

Tasteless603: Honestly looks like a cleat from the early 90’s

El Fenomeno: “Nike has created a Mercurial Vapor IX inspired by the 1998 design.”


#6 commented on: The Great Gatsby – Watch a New TV Spot feat. Jay-Z’s “100$ Bill”

Goergey23: stop fucking up my childhood hov for real

Noodles: I’m more concerned with ruining my young adulthood


#5 commented on: Supreme Sues Married To The Mob Over “Supreme Bitch” T-Shirt

Jester: Listen – as petty as most of you may think this move by Supreme is, the bottom line is that they are protecting the integrity of their brand. When you’ve put as much time and effort into a vision and an aesthetic as that brand has, you will not tolerate someone coming along and profiting off of your image – especially a company looking to trademark a calling card as identifiable as Supreme. Simple as that – I do not know all of the legal details but perhaps an out of court settlement could have been the cleaner route, however, I will not chastise a company for defending themselves. Married to the Mob is strictly taking the brand recognition Supreme has with their box logo, modifying it slightly and using that brand “alignment” to sell T’s. It’s not a good way of doing business and I would defend any company going to the lengths Supreme currently is.


#4 commented on: 5 Instagram Accounts We’re Enjoying This Week – Ninja Turtles, New York, Vinyls and Dinosaurs

sammyboywarren: This made me lol in my head…Memories!

lunartoe: how can you laugh out loud in your head.


#3 commented on: Volkswagen Aqua Hovercraft Concept by Yuhan Zhang

stephanalexandr: Fucks yes. River pimping.


#2 commented on: Miley Cyrus Takes Control for the Cover of V Magazine #83

Bobby Freshpants: Whats wrong with her?

CLASS OF 1984: Whatever it is…I LIKE IT!


#1 commented on: Nike Unveils “You Showed Us” Campaign for Kobe Bryant

Joey Feroz: You showed us how to have a teammate traded. You showed us how to hog a basketball. You showed us how to get a coach fired. You showed us how to have fun in Colorado with a white girl. You showed us how to cheat on your wife and she will still keep you. You showed us how to say sorry with a huge diamond ring. You showed us how to pretend to be MJ. Show us again.

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