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Like all new Skullcandy headphones, the Navigator headphones are designed with Supreme Sound – created by Skullcandy’s very own Golden Ear, Director of Electrical & Acoustical Engineering, Dr. Tetsuro Oishi – attacking bass, diamond clear vocals and crisp high ends are integral to the Navigators. They have been designed to sound great across all genres, so whether you want to listen to bass-driven dubstep, heavy rock or uplifting folk, they have it covered. Barely as big as a pair of sunglasses when folded, the Navigators hold so much bespoke technology inside them it seems almost impossible that it could all fit into such a compact size. The highlight being the finely tuned 40 mm REX40™ driver, custom designed by Skullcandy to deliver extremely smooth sound with near-zero distortion.

Take a closer look at the Navigator below and pick up your pair straight from the source.


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