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While every day should be mother’s day, we especially celebrate the woman that brought us into this world this Sunday. Mother’s Day is about hugs, love and appreciation of maternal love and family. For those looking for a few special suggestions for mom, we offer up this guide to six of our favorites.

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Rifle Paper Co. Mothers Day Card

We’ll kick off with something simple – a wonderfully adorable seemingly hand drawn card. Perfect for those who don’t have a creative hand, or the time to make one. Now fill it up with some nice words. ($5)

Billy Kirk Western Floral Leather Tote

Only the best for your Mom with this durable, long lasting everyday tote for every occasion. Made from 100% cow hide and features a leather luggage tag.  No longer will she have the excuse to not use your gift this year. ($297)

Phaidon How to Boil An Egg by Rose Bakery

Perhaps this might turn into more of a gift for you in the long run, but we guarantee interesting pages for your Mom as she digs into old recipes to find modernized ones to fill your tummy. Check out our in-depth look at the book here. ($20)


Kiosk Japanese Slim Pot

For the lady that knows her coffee, this little Japanese made enamel pot also includes a drip cone on top. Available in red or yellow in a small or large size. ($65-85)

Diptyque Set of Mini Candles (Rose, Baies, Figuier)

In case you’re not quite sure what her favorite scent is, Diptyque has got you covered with this set of three of their best selling candles. There’s nothing quite like the rich aroma by Diptyque to let her know you love her. ($84)

Joey Roth Self Watering Planter

For the mother without the green thumb, but still with a love for all things green, this interesting planter by Joey Roth makes sure the plants will live a long life without much help. This self watering planter is made with terracotta and zisha, allowing the plant to self-regular drawing moisture from a little water chamber when needed. ($45)


Words by Denise Taw
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