It’s Sunday, time to relax and take things slow before starting into the upcoming week. Everybody has his own ways to reflect and compile what has been going on these past days. How about reading up on the top 10 comments and the respective stories. Here is our weekly roundup of our top comments taken from Facebook and the Highsnobiety webpage. Read them all after the jump.

#10 commented on: Supreme Angler Camp Cap

Jeremy Meadow: “Finally my dream of being a streetwise accountant can be realized.”


#09 commented on: Nike SB Stefan Janoski SE “Velcro”

Charlie Brsln: “Grandad is going to love these!”


#08 commented on: A look inside Karl Lagerfeld’s Parisian apartment

Paul Matthews: “People are so incredibly critical of all things and express their personal preferences with such self assurance as to suggest only their tastes are right, that I find it incredible. The Blue tone of the images is more of a photographic effect, as even on this image you can see a bookcase with thousands of (what I assume to be) books on creativity, which would be highly colourful. Lagerfeld has an incredible passion for arts and music, he just chooses not to have a colourful house. Given the amount of colour we are bombarded with these days, I can imagine that this place is therefore a calming oasis.

But after all, it’s all about personal preference. He also prefers having sex with men, should you be obliged to like that too? And honestly, I think the only thing we need to worry about, is that he is a real life bond criminal with plans of world domination!”


#07 commented on: The Best Looking iWatch Concept So Far

Patrick Fultz: “If i see someone talking into their watch someday im gonna cut off their arm and beat them to death with it.”


#06 commented on: Supreme x Clarks Spring/Summer 2013 Desert Boots

4Dolo: “I’ll never get lost on a walk again.”


#05 commented on: LIFE Opens up their Archives and Explores Skateboarding in 1965 NYC

Juan: “I get excited watching young black guys skating with white guys in those days, definitely skateboarding is a sport with an open mind.”


#04 commented on: Street Style: Nick Wooster

Oisoonsy: “If you were to take a mix of a pirate’s face and the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland (Disney) you would get Nick Wooster’s face.”


#03 commented on: Riccardo Tisci Defends Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala Skin-Tight Floral Dress

Daniel J. Rautenbach: “Kan ye see, mate?”


#02 commented on: Officine Creative Crosta

adriks: “Nike Poshe Run.”


#01 commented on: Supreme “Fuck” Denim Tote & Bandana

Georgios GEuros Greekopoulos:” Hypebeasts be like, “Art”

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