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Shinola Watches are Made in Detroit, Michigan 2

ACL gives good coverage to the watchmaking arm of Shinola – “an American company dedicated to making things again in America.” Such a feat is not so easy in many categories of goods and I for one never expected watch making to a standout here in the States. But ACL has this thought on Shinola’s effort:

“Though along the way there have been some skeptics. Some are concerned of the fact that the watches are quartz, and that they are made from Swiss parts and only assembled in the U.S. These are valid points, but I think when you look at the pricing and the aesthetics of the time pieces there’s a ton of value built in. This is not even considering the fact that they are really put together in Michigan with a Horween strap.”

There are variety of variables that play into an individual’s purchase of a watch: name brand, complication, and overall look. Shinola offers up a strong collection of basic watches that will likely work for all individuals. Those with affinity for American-made goods should consider Shinola and their wide offering of goods. For now we leave you with this preview of their watch collection.

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