Bluelounge Minidock Charging Stand for iPhone 5 - 2
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Today, Bluelounge released their latest iPhone 5 accessory, the Bluelounge Minidock, which eliminates the need to carry a charging cable while offering the benefit of a phone stand. For those that find cables a troublesome design issue in their home or office, the Bluelounge Minidock offers the convenience of a charging stand that plugs into any USB power adapter (including Apple’s version), while keeping your surrounds clear and clean.

We’ve been using the Bluelounge Minidock for the iPhone 5  plugged into a desktop USB hub for some time now, keeping our work surface cable-free and the iPhone 5 upright in view. On the road, say in an airport, it will keep your phone off the ground and in eye’s reach. We’ll be taking ours to Berlin next week. Available in 30-pin connector and Lightning Connector versions for the U.S., UK, and European markets for $40.

Those looking for a Macbook, iPad or tablet stand should consider the universal Bluelounge Mika stand (we reviewed it here).

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