Tune in and turn up

Gentrification in Brooklyn is at the heart of The New York Times’ piece entitled “Brooklyn, the Remix: A Hip-Hop Tour.” The multimedia editorial explores various cultural aspects of the borough made famous by famous emcees including Biggie, Guru, the Beastie Boys, Biz Markie, Jay-Z, Talib Kweli, EPMD, Foxy Brown and more – focusing on quotables from the past and the current state of that particular parcel of land. While a choice excerpt appears below, we strongly urge you to head here to read the piece in its entirety.

For many, the word “Brooklyn” now evokes artisanal cheese rather than rap artists. The disconnect between brownstone Brooklyn’s past and present is jarring in the places where rappers grew up and boasted about surviving shootouts, but where cupcakes now reign. If you look hard enough, the rougher past might still be visible under the more recently applied gloss. And if you want to buy a piece of the action, Biggie’s childhood apartment, a three-bedroom walk-up, was recently listed by a division of Sotheby’s International Realty. Asking price: $725,000.

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