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Mediterrani 32 is a house located in Sant Pol der Mar, Spain, built by Barcelona-based architect Daniel Isern. It was built with a simple premise – to build a house on a very steep piece of land with a gradient of almost 100%, boasting wonderful views, all on a tight budget. It’s a complicated plot of land, not least because of the incline but also because it is dotted with pine trees. As a result, the immediate landscape has defined the house. The floor plan matches the trees that surround it – it emerges from a trunk well-anchored to the land and opens up in branches on each floor, in such a way that each branch becomes the terrace of the upper level at the same time as it becomes the porch of a lower one. Despite the obstacles the architect faced, the house still feels open and spacious, making a focal point of the outside area and surrounding views.

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