Making sure you look so fresh and so clean isn’t vanity, it’s necessity. We ain’t neanderthals anymore, so that crusty Sure deodorant roll-on just won’t cut it. And you know how those neanderthals loved their Sure deodorant. Looking and feeling your best isn’t just about the latest garms anymore, you’ve gotta lay the foundations if you want an impressive structure. Sure, the freshest trends will make sure you look good, but what about the rest of the senses? You wanna smell good, feel good, taste good and sound good… ? So here are 10 of the best grooming products to give you an idea of how to become a delight to all senses.

Aesop Shaving Duet

Aesop are the last name in classy grooming. They are to skincare what Nike are to sneakers. And this Shaving Duet contains two high quality products – a shaving serum and a post-shave lotion, both of which contain the magic Moroccan Neroli – to ensure a smooth shave. Buy it from Aesop.


Kiehl’s No Shine Lip Balm

Kissable lips might not ensure a kiss but dry, cracked lips will ensure no kiss. Lip balm is a basic essential, and this one from Kiehl’s is matte so you don’t have to worry about looking like you’re wearing lip gloss. Buy it now from Space NK.


Kent Radial Styler Brush

Kent brushes were established in 1777. That’s practically neanderthal times. This brush is designed for men using styling products, and the quills on the brush contain Andosite quartz – this produces negative ions which condition and stimulate hair growth. Get one online here.


J R Liggett’s Original Bar Shampoo

For those Old Timey Apothecary vibes, this J R Liggett’s Shampoo will do the trick. From an old New England recipe, the bar is 100% vegetable oil which doesn’t strip the natural goodness from your hair. Keep things simple and buy one now from Present London.


Dr Dennis Gross Face Peel

If you really wanna step things up a notch, try this Alpha Beta Face Peel. It’s a two-step anti-aging facial peel that reduces fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, fights blemishes and redness. If you don’t think you have any of them, you probably will in 15 years time, so get a head start. Get them online here.


Recipe For Men SPF 15 Moisturizer

It’s pretty much summer now. The sun is out and thanks to global warming those rays are getting stronger and even more dangerous. Do the smart thing and use an SPF protection, the easiest way is with a facial moisturizer with it built in, this one from Recipe For Men is ideal. Get it from Menlook.


Bumble and Bumble Sumo Tech Wax

Wax? Paste? Cream? Pomade? There’s too many options out there. And how are you supposed to know what to use for which style? This wax is a ‘hybrid styling product,’ lightweight but with enough form to keep your do in place. Get it from Space NK.


retaW Fragrance Fabric Denim Spray

For a lot of men I know, their jeans are practically an extension of them. As in, one of my friends washed his jeans last night for the first time since he bought them. A year ago. I wish for my sake he’d known about this Denim Spray from retaW, which is antibacterial and eliminates odors from denim. You can buy it from Goodhood Store.


Pils Stainless Steel Double Edge Razor

There should come a time in your life when those disposable Gillette razors seem kinda shitty and you wanna upgrade. There’s no time like the present, and this German-crafted Pils razor will be a razor for life. Get it from RoyalShave.


General Store Whiskey After-Shave Splash

After having the shave of your life with the Aesop serum and lotion, using the smooth-glide of the Pils razor, splash your newly shawn face with this. It’s whiskey scented, but has major soothing properties, plus it’ll make your bathroom look 10 times more gentlemanly. Buy it from Portland General Store.

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