Another week, another five Tumblrs for you to get behind. This week’s picks range from defacing discarded baseball cards to custom-designed skate decks. Let us know what you think of this week’s selection and as always, feel free to leave your Tumblr in the comments section below. With a bit of luck, you’ll see yours here next week.


Baseball Card Vandals

Updated twice a day, the Baseball Card Vandals take printed paper and turn it into something a little more fun. Drawn-on celebrities mixed with pop culture references make this one a no-brainer.


Slow Robots

Slow Robots focuses strongly on beautiful women clad in varying stages of equally beautiful clothing but also ventures into other fields like art, design and photography. The owner’s thoughts are worth a read as well as he touches on topics like the education system and Kanye’s latest tracks.



Discovered via the comments section of last week’s list, Dekaday was created by two illustrators whose passion for skateboarding manifests itself in a daily deck designed by the duo. The result is a Tumblr full of decks that would look just as good with a pair of trucks and wheels as they would hanging from the walls.



The Tumblr of designer Johan Lindeberg, BLK DNM features all-original photography along with some of Lindeberg’s own creations. The blog is updated regularly with dark, haunting images that fit in perfectly with the designer’s aesthetic.



FAKETORY is based around stunning images in general which include but are not limited to: digital and public art, museum pieces and women. A few GIFs keep the visual factor up to par while the endless scrolling ensures a long stay.

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