Being neighbors in Northern England, Highsnobiety regular End took the short journey to Barbour’s HQ recently to have a tour around their facilities. Over the course of the tour, the End team took in the factory, customer services department and last but by no means least, the archive room, which holds an incredible selection of vintage pieces documenting the brand’s varied and celebrated history. The result is a great insight into documenting the fantastic work Barbour have done throughout their long and storied existence.

Each year the historic factory in South Shields produces between 130,000 and 140,000 wax jackets by hand. The production process itself is equally impressive with jackets being worked on and then passed down the line until they become fully-assembled Barbour jackets.

Although Barbour jackets are designed to last, everyday wear and tear takes its toll. The Customer Services department is where old and tired waxed jackets are lovingly brought back to life. All of the jackets that come in are inspected and an assessment is made to tailor the repairs specific to each piece. The team of 17 specialists repair around 14,000 jackets a year, from replacing panels, lining and zips, to reproofing jackets.

In part 2 of the tour coming next week, End shows us some of the most fascinating pieces from the archive room.

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