Tune in and turn up

What a long and grueling week it’s been; revising for university finals is, I can assure you, as shitty as it sounds. In between the studying and unbelievable consumption of energy drinks, I’ve managed to select this week’s most interesting and unusual music video offerings. There’s some fantastic footage of Ireland in MMOTHS’ new video whilst Theodore Grams goes hard in da paint in “Dogtown.”

Doldrums – Holographic Sandcastles (Dir. Winston Hacking)

An underwater dream from Winston Hacking with beautiful eyes-wide-open imagery.

Beacon – Drive (Dir. Will Joines)

Director Joines says  “I was interested in taking elements of a R&B video and making something darker and more mysterious. The goal was to suggest and imply while leaving room for the audience to insert their own story and ideas.” Job well done we say.

Julia Holter – World (Dir. Rick Bahto)

Fleeting, flickering and totally absorbing, Bahto directs a wonderfully unique set of visuals for Holter’s first single from her upcoming album Loud City Song.

MMOTHS – All These Things (Dir. Jamie and Keith)

Jamie Delaney explains, “With this whole project, everyone is in some way connected with this place where I’m from. Everything is about family. The director, Jamie Delaney, is a good friend of mine from my hometown, and he did the first video. That’s how he ended up doing the ‘All These Things’ video.”

Theodore Grams – Dogtown (Dir. Stratagem Pictures)

This one comes from Philly native Theodore Grams’ 11th solo project, Dogwhistle 2. The entire project is produced by Grams himself, with the exception of two tracks produced by Phratteam Danny and DJ FM & Diego.

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