Let’s do a roundup of the top comments from last week before heading off for a new one. Like every week, our diverse group of readers held nothing back when voicing their opinions. Check it out and have a laugh. Maybe your comments made it on this week’s roundup. Here are all 10 after the jump.

 #10 commented on: Champion Japan Spring/Summer 2013 Lookbook

Iname: “I don’t get why Champion and TNF have Japan-exclusive collections. You’re American! We like dope streetwear too!”


#09 commented on: Watch the Official PlayStation 4 Teaser Video

 Valentine416: “Sony has perfected the horrendously slow striptease.”


#08 commented on: Buyer’s Guide: 10 of the Best Grooming Products

HtheB: “Whisky aftershave…number one choice of Don Draper and anyone else who wants to make a good impression at work by smelling like a man that likes his early morning sip?”


#07 commented on: Yahoo! Acquires Tumblr for $1.1 Billion USD

Heehaw: Tumblr?! I hardly even know!”

Anon: “When has that ever stopped you.”


#06 commented on: Nike Unveils New FC Barcelona Kits

Charlie Brsln: “Do they come in adult size?”



#05 commented on: Buyer’s Guide: 10 High and Low In-Ear Headphones

Youngballcoach: “499.99 for some ear buds!!!! I better hear the artists thoughts with them things.”

Noodles: “Don’t complain. You’re online and can pretend you’re rich. I’m a baller and have two pairs of them, they good.”

Darius M Tyus: “I bought 3 pairs of them…then threw them in the trash. Because I’m rich.”



#04 commented on: Marc by Marc Jacobs Foil Covered iPhone 5 Cases

Tonkza Chalachol: “Inspired by Ferrero Rocher.”


#03 commented on: Maison Martin Margiela 22 Hand Painted Color Drops Replica

Sneakoholic: “That bird ate a whole lotta crayons.”


#02 commented on: Microsoft Unveils the New Xbox One Console

HIPSERJOE: “I wonder when the Supreme collab comes out.”


#01 commented on: Gisele Bündchen for BLK DNM Campaign by Johan Lindeberg

Ryan Fielding: “I’ve got the wrong mechanic!”

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