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Berlin-based interiors blog Freunde von Freunden recently sat down with fashion designer Petar Petrov, who founded his label of the same name during his studies at the Vienna University of Applied Arts. His designs are simple, innovative and elegant clothes for men, and he has slowly but steadily expanded his client base worldwide, now setting his sights on designing fashion for women. Topics covered range from his move from Bulgaria to Vienna,

“I was twenty years old. Back then I didn’t really know much about Vienna. The opportunity of coming here just kind of arose out of nowhere. I wanted to work within the artistic scene and therefore decided to study fashion at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. I was lucky and got accepted at my first trial.”

The first piece of clothing he designed,

“That must have been during my studies. But I actually don’t want to remember those pieces! (laughs) They must have been some really funny ones. But one keeps developing and, especially within the fashion world, almost everything has an expiration date. If one takes a look at older things, one realizes that they don’t belong in the present.”

And what he shows guests when they are in Vienna,

“First all sorts of tourist attractions, depending on the guest. I can recommend a walk through the cemetery – Wiener Zentralfriedhof. Other than that I really like to check out flea markets. During spring and fall there are many flea markets that are worth a trip and give a good insight into Vienna’s soul. Trips outside of Vienna are also really great. For example Südburgenland, the weather is always good and it is a great place to relax. A visit to the holy mass at Orchesterkonzert on Sunday can also be quite the experience.”

Take a look at his apartment and atelier in the gallery above, and you can read the entire feature here.

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