Like every week in the past and all weeks to come, this one has come to an end. Before heading into the endless possibilities of next week, however, we take a look back at what some of our lovely readers had to say. This week’s topics include Highsnobiety regulars like Supreme and Nike with welcome appearances by novelty items like the Projecteo. We also dug in to the active comments section of our Instagram page in order to include the more mobile-inclined among us in the conversation. Check out all 10 below and join us next week for another exciting roundup of the week’s best comments.


#10 commented on: Motorola Shows Off Electronic Tattoo and Vitamin Authentication “Password” Pill

Barcode us all: 1984 is not an instruction manual..


#9 commented on: LEGO Announces Plans to Build a School in Denmark

Dwayne: For detention, students must walk on Lego bricks.


#8 commented on: Supreme x Vans Lampin Preview

Alexander Driebeek: Didn’t realise that puma joined this collab


#7 commented on: Menswear Dog Dresses Up as Daft Punk, Ryan Gosling and More

averagemanfitnessandstyle: Better than half the models out there.


#6 commented on: “August Smart Lock” by Yves Béhar/fuseproject and Jason Johnson

Matt Sibley: Fuck my phone died!! Anyone got a lockpick kit!


#5 commented on: Projecteo – The Tiny Instagram Projector is Now Available for Purchase

Adrian Uy: is that an oreo behind?


#4 commented on: Nike Air Yeezy 2 Red Releases on June 18 

Michael Norwood Fitts: Yo I can’t wait not to have these.


#3 commented on: Mishka Summer 2013 Lookbook

Calvin Vasquez: they got count dracula eatin french fries


#2 commented on: The New BMW X5

seminar: nothing like press release pictures of a german car with euro plates in the southwestern desert of the united states


#1 commented on: Supreme Inflatable Raft

JordanSS: Somebody call the coastguard, my swags gone overboard

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