Cycling New York with the Nokia Lumia 928 Windows Phone 2

Cycling New York City is a new ongoing series here at Highsnobiety that shares our view of exploring Manhattan and Brooklyn. Over the course of the coming months, we will and highlight these moments with the help of the new Nokia Lumia 928 Windows Phone and its powerful new 8.7MP camera.

You and the Nokia Lumia 928 phone will travel with us to experience the sights and sounds of the city. From the West Side bike path to the open air markets of Brooklyn, we’ll showcase the moments that make summer cycling in New York City amazing.

What makes the Nokia Lumia 928 phone a capable travel companion on these journeys is the built-in Carl Zeiss lens and Xenon flash. Tuned to work well under all conditions, including low light, the Lumia 928 phone allows for easy camera access through a dedicated camera button on the right side of the phone. When connected to SkyDrive, the Windows Phone will automatically upload your photos for sharing and printing while it sites in your pocket. You’ll never worry about backing up your images – the Nokia phone handles the job.

Highsnobiety photographer Jacob Breinholt and I recently tested the optics on the Nokia Lumia 928 phone during a bicycle ride one Friday after work during the start of the summer. The photos shared here were shot around 6 p.m. and showcase the strength of the camera under normal conditions and shadows.

Future entries in the Cycling New York series this summer will showcase how well the Nokia Lumia 928 works under less ideal conditions, including twilight and nightlight.

To add to this experience, you can enter to win $5,000 or one of 10 Nokia Lumia 928 phones from Microsoft. Simply tell Microsoft how you will reinvent yourself this summer in the comment box below by August 23. Winners will be selected shortly thereafter. We look forward to hearing how you’ll do it.

All images photographed with the Pureview camera on the Nokia Lumia 928 Windows Phone.

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