In this inventive and clever short from Bankshot – responsible for the “What’s Cookin?” food rap video that went viral last year – the director has set his sights on sneakers this time. Giving life to some of the most well known pieces of footwear in history – including those worn by Michael Jordan, Elvis Presley, James Brown and Steve Caballero – the clever twist sees the various shoes taking credit for the sucesses achieved by the wearer.

The soul of every great man is defined by the shoes he chooses. Whether on the ball court like Michael Jordan leaving hapless defenders in his wake, the stage set ablaze by the Godfather of Soul, the pelvic rock of Elvis, or the innovative skate style of Steve Caballero, their essence of success comes from their footwear funkiness. Time to take a walk down memory lane with some of the greatest to ever do it.

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