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In 2009, French luxury brand, Hermès, launched Petit h: a “re-creativity laboratory” of sorts that up-cycled remnant materials from the Hermès factory floors into new designs and works. Under the guidance of Mme Pascale Mussard, Petit h re-imagines and reuses various Hermès textiles – particularly leathers – into everything from birdhouses, pinwheels, stool tops, and countless other home wares.

After taking the laboratory’s output on the road in 2012, Hermès has now planted the petit h concept into a new retail space on Rue de Sevres in Paris. Created to have an “evolutive” structure, Petit h installations change with seasons and occasions.

One noted highlight in the Petit h collection is a leather-wrapped vase, “Contenant Cuit,” by Japanese designer Shikegi Fujishiro. The space clearly holds much more discovery within its walls. We suggest that on your next stop over in Paris, you visit petit h.

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