7 Things to Pack for a Solo Day at the Beach 1

Nothing helps clear the mind like a summer personal to the beach. Solo excursions in the sun away from the pressures of work and colleagues will revitalize not only your soul but your tan. The beach does require a bit of preparation to keep you happy and connected. We offer up this guide to packing for your solo day at the beach including shorts, towels, and even waterproof protection for your iPhone.

Photography: Denise Taw/Selectism.com

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A.P.C. Navy Bucket Bag

A large bucketbag to fit all your essentials for a day out at the beach. No internal or external pockets means you’ll know where everything is. Comes with removable wallet on the inside. ($245)

Saturdays Surf NYC for Colette White and Black Dots Towel

A fluffy beach towel from the folks at Saturdays for laying in the sand and drying off. Available in a shade of Parisian boutique Colette’s signature blue in polka dots. See more of the Saturdays and Colette collection from Spring 2013 here. ($55)


Robinson les Bains Oxford Long Shorts

This pair of beach-appropriate shorts are just long enough to get ensure a solid tan. The shorts are also chlorine, salt water, and sun safe: they’ll be dry in not time and won’t fade with the conditions. ($220)

Ralph Lauren Floral Bucket Hat

Ralph Lauren Floral Bucket Hat

Take an occasional break from the sun with this Ralph Lauren bucket cap. Headwear made to protect and look great. ($45)

Teva and Urban Outfitters Sandals

We know sandals might not quite be your thing, but the fun print from Urban Outfitters might just make you change your mind. Appropriate for walking a sizeable distance or short jogs when necessary offering better support overall for a day at the beach, but avoid them on the streets. ($50)

Harman Kardon Go + Play High-Performance Portable Loudspeaker System with Dock

What’s a day at the beach without some good tunes? Don’t compromise on portable speakers. Consider Harman Kardon’s Play battery powered speaker and iPod dock. Powered on eight batteries, this loudspeaker will do your right. Did we mention it comes with a remote control? ($199)

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Incipio Atlas Waterproof Case for iPhone 5

For the part of us that can’t be without your very trusty iPhone, consider this waterproof case meant to keep all your photos and texts dry and safe from harm’s way. Forget about putting your phone in a zip-lock back, it doesn’t work (trust us). This Incipio waterproof case will do the trick. ($80)


 Bonus addition for the beach-going coffee addict:

Handpresso PortableEspresso Machine for your Car

This one’s really for the coffee addicts. Driving to the beach early morning to catch first rays? Our favorite Handpresso portable espresso maker works off the car’s power lighter to brew a 1.8oz shot in less than two minutes. Run back to the car for an afternoon re-charge if needed. ($194)

Words by Denise Taw
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