It’s that time of year again where we take the opportunity to give thanks to the paternal figure in our lives. Father’s Day was inaugurated in order to complement Mother’s Day, but don’t you treat it as an afterthought. Be prepared and give thanks to the patriarch in your life with a thoughtful and suitable gift. We’ve compiled a list to make this process even easier for you, so if you’re reading this, you really have no excuse. Don’t turn up empty handed, choose gifts such as the The American Craft Beer Cookbook or a load of Bacon Brownies and your old man might not be the only one to prosper from this wonderful day.


Bad Dad Mug

A mug is a classic go-to present because everybody needs a drinking receptacle. This one from The Goodhood Store is more badass than your usual mug. Get it for your bad dad here.


Kiehl’s Facial Fuel

Someone once said that nobody actually buys face wash because it’s always given as a gift. I’m not sure how accurate that is, but if you want to compound this view, give your dad a bottle of this stuff from Kiehl’s – it’s the best around. Buy it online here.


Smythson The Boss’s Wafer Notebook

Everybody needs a notebook handy. Give your dad one he’ll be proud to assert his authority through. This lambskin leather notebook from Smythson has 96 pages of gilt-edged, pale blue featherweight paper. Available for purchase directly from Smythson.


The Summer of Beer and Whiskey

The wonders of beer, whiskey and baseball come together in this book about Chris Von der Ahe’s gambit to found the St. Louis Browns in the hope of selling more beer, establishing the American Association (later to become the American League) along the way and revitalizing the sport. Order a copy for your dad from Amazon.


Bacon Brownies

Bacon – great. Brownies – great. Bacon brownies? Why the hell not. If you’re going to eat them both separately anyway, why not try putting them together and seeing how they taste? Salty, sweet goodness. Order a batch from Baconery. Extra points for their name.


The American Craft Beer Cookbook

The pleasure of going to the local pub for a pint and a meal can now be recreated at home with this cookbook. With recipes ranging from pub grub and barbecue to appetizers and desserts, a lot of them use beer as a main ingredient to make the most of a popular father’s beverage. Order your copy from Amazon.


Zippo Stainless Steel Wallet

Leather wallets? Give me a break. Give your dad a wallet made out of a proper material, one that won’t perish over a lifespan. This one from Zippo is engineered for life and is built to suppress the signal sent from a radio frequency ID chip, protecting against credit card theft. You can get hold of it here.


Reyn Spooner Shirt

Buy your dad one of those dad shirts you might have worn ironically that he can wear unironically. Or in some form of meta-irony. Or just because he likes it. Then you can borrow it too. Available now from Present London.


Whisky Stones

If your dad is anything like mine, he loves a glass of whiskey. Whiskey is best served cold, but not ice cold, and diluting the whiskey with ice cubes is tantamount to blasphemy in some cases. Avoid this and kick his whiskey-drinking experience up a notch with the provision of these Whisky Stones. You can get hold of some here.


#1 Trill Dad T-Shirt

Spell your thanks out for your dad on the front of his shirt with this Trill Dad T-shirt. He might not know what it means but that’s beside the point. Get hold of one here.

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