As part of our ongoing series, Cycling New York, we took a casual bicycle ride on Manhattan’s Hudson River Greenway. Spanning as south as Battery Park, the Hudson River Greenway offers visitors and residents alike an open green space away from the bustle of the city. With a Nokia Lumia 928 Windows Phone in hand, we rode north from Chelsea Piers to share some of our favorite views from the West Side of the Big Apple.

The bikeway on the Hudson River Greenway, known to most locals as the West Side Bike Path, is one of our favorite destinations here at Highsnobiety. At times, we hop on our bicycles to cycle through the Upper West Side for open, expansive rides free of the congestion that make many hesitant about cycling in the city. The bike path and the adjacent walkway are protected from the West Side Highway, offering comfort to all.

With the strength of the Nokia Lumia 928‘s 8.7-megapixel camera, which features a world-class Carl Zeiss lens, we rode north from Chelsea Piers one late afternoon to give you our view of the West Side Bike Path and Hudson River Greenway. Along the way, we paused to photograph our views of the ride and experience the quality of the Lumia’s camera. Cycling while using any phone can be hazardous to yourself and others on the bikeway, so be sure to only photograph when off the bike. We did.

Though we took no photos in-motion, the Nokia Lumia 928 phone automatically uploaded all our photos to SkyDrive while sitting in our pocket, doing the hard work for us as we pedaled. Back at the office, we opened our SkyDrive Photos folder for a review of our ride.

Just like the name implies, West Side Bike Path offers a safe zone for cyclists to travel north and south through Manhattan, but keep in mind you will be sharing the road with a few runners who prefer the pace here over that of the walkway. Sharing is caring.

Pier 66/66a is home to the historic Lightship Frying Pan and Fireboat John J. Harvey. With ample bicycle parking, the Frying Pan offers a seasonal bar and grill as well as some of the best views of the Hudson.

Further north, the battleship Intrepid, docked at 46th St., is a major tourist destination on the Hudson River Parkway. Housing the Sea, Air and Space Museum, the decommissioned Intrepid was once an active battleship during WWII and the Vietnam War, and later became a recovering vessel for NASA.

Take a moment off the bicycle and stroll along various points of the waterfront. These waterfront pathways make for perfect meet-up spots during the day and late afternoon.

We love the expansive array of benches and seating along the Hudson River Parkway route. These seats offer all an opportunity to take in the greenway’s beautiful views. On our way back south, we happened to love this bench row near the Chelsea Waterside Park at 24th Street.

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All images photographed with the Pureview camera on the Nokia Lumia 928 Windows Phone.


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