The process of how something is conceptualized has always been of intrigue to me, whether it be producing a simple T-shirt graphic, or a more intricate item. The final outcome is what most see, but the initial idea or thought process behind it is what I find fascinating. I’ve always been captivated by people who possess a distinct vision for making something out of personal interest or sometimes even necessity. For this week’s 5 Instagram Accounts We’re Enjoying, I wanted to focus on folks who are involved in the world of design – some maybe not household names, but certainly talented in their own right. Featured amongst the chosen accounts are creatives in fashion, auto design and architecture. Be sure to follow our account, @highsnobiety, as well.

@john_pangilinan – JP has one of the coolest jobs in the scene; building project cars for brands and connecting lifestyle stories to each build. Aside from being a car nut, he’s an avid photographer and also does agency work with some of the top companies around.

@arthuraleksander – I’m a fan of the intricacy and attention to detail that goes into the production of high-end garments. Los Angeles-based designer/illustrator Arthur Aleksander highlights his journey in this world through behind-the-scenes coverage and his own personal sketch work.

@tyanai – Architect Takashi Yanai provides a great mixture of shots between his work at Ehrlich Architects in Los Angeles and everyday life.

@darienbirks – Designer/Illustrator Darien Birks has a unique body of work that includes art direction for several Nike campaigns, as well as his own illustrations that range from kicks to pop icons.

@creativesession – Run by two brothers out of San Francisco and Portland, CreativeSession explores their work life in the world of design, from industrial to product, with plenty of sneaker references in between.

Words by Luis Ruano
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