Tune in and turn up

Kanye West continues his unique marketing plan for Yeezus with a poster campaign featuring the album’s cover art, or lack thereof, and the words “PLEASE ADD GRAFFITI.” Initially, the request seems redundant and could even come across as desperate since streets plastered with posters are almost always vandalized in one way or another. However, in light of Yeezy’s video projection campaign, the move makes sense as it continues the musician’s interaction with fans and lets them add their own visuals to an otherwise basic album packaging.

On the other hand, West’s notorious reputation naturally draws as much ire as it does awe. This will undoubtedly lead to plenty of vulgar images and messages but since they are invariably done at the request of Mr. West, it looks like Yeezy will always have the last laugh. In any case, the words certainly add another dimension to West’s distinct and effective marketing plan which, above all else, has people talking about his sixth studio album.

Look for Yeezus to hit retailers this Tuesday, June 18.

Photography: Bill McMullen

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