To be told you dress like a dad, or that the shirt you’re wearing looks like a dad’s shirt, are pretty much known insults. But I refute that. After all, wasn’t Steve McQueen a dad? Yes. Isn’t Scott Schuman aka The Sartorialist a dad? Yes. Isn’t Kanye West just about to have co-ownership of a tiny human courtesy of Kim Kardashian? Totally. So let’s abandon this stereotype and fully embrace some classic fatherly garms. Hopefully they won’t come with all or any of the responsibilities of fatherhood, though.


Billy Reid Dunnavant Leather Jacket

This Billy Reid jacket looks so hardy and reliable. Just like any decent father should be, or his wardrobe at the very least. It’s crafted from brown buffalo hide – no messing about with cow leather for this jacket – so you can basically tell people you hunted and skinned the animal yourself. If you want. Buy it now from MR PORTER.


YMC Poplin Embroidered Shirt

There is nothing fresher than a white shirt, and nothing more paternal than the short-sleeved variety. This YMC number combines the best of both, with a lovely bit of folk-inspired embroidery on the sleeves. Buy it now from The Goodhood Store.


Edwin ED-55 Relaxed Selvage Denim

The solid ’50s American workwear vibe of blue denim jeans naturally eschews a kind of fatherly aesthetic. This Edwin pair will let you cut past the awkward denim honeymoon stage and get straight down to worn-in marital life. Get a hold of a pair from Oi Polloi.


Ayame Socks

A textbook go-to gift for dads, the sock. In bold patterns and bright colors, you can make the present more novelty and therefore more of a treat. Hipsters worldwide have turned their attention to their ankles, making sure their sock game is strong. This Ayame pair basically have muscles. Buy them from Present London.


Alden for The Bureau Work Boot

Slip those patterned socks of yours into these stylish and durable work boots from Alden for The Bureau. Following on from the buffalo hide Billy Reid leather jacket come these boots in a rare antelope leather, which has a naturally oily finish and is supremely soft while still being very hard-wearing. You can purchase them direct from The Bureau.


Mr Natty Beard Elixir

It’s a fact of life that the fullness of one’s beard is what is used to measure successful fathering. Use this beard elixir from Mr Natty to avoid being exposed as a horrible, weak-bearded father. Get it quick from Open Lifestyle Store.

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