Zack Morris, Kelly Kapowski, A.C. Slater – do these names ring a bell (no pun intended)? Those of you who grew up in the early to mid-’90s might have already guessed it. That’s right, Saved by the Bell. The quintessential ’90s high school sitcom hit the networks in 1989 and went on to become one of the most successful and beloved TV shows, spawning a spinoff and a less successful follow up, before airing its last episode in 1993. Its cast members then went on to pursue their own careers with varying degrees of success.

Particular attention should be given to Elizabeth Berkeley who played know-it-all environmentalist Jessie Spano and afterwards became quite famous for flashing her assets on a Las Vegas stage and banging Kyle McLachlan in a pool in Paul Verhoeven’s classic movie Showgirls. And who could forget Dustin Diamond aka Screech? He took that flashing-your-assets-thing to a whole other level by directing a celebrity sex tape with the cringe-worthy title Saved by the Smell in 2006.

However, as Highsnobiety is still about getting dressed, we had a closer look at the show’s sartorial qualities and compiled an outfit with a distinct throwback ’90s spin. See it after the jump.



Remember when we were all hyped about those Google Glasses, spacing out about discreetly watching porn wherever we went? Unfortunately, as soon as the first porn app hit the web, Google revealed that it violated the most recent additions to its developer policies which is basically a death sentence to the futuristic eyewear, because as we all know almost every new tech-related invention thrives on our insatiable need for T&A. Whatever. I say keep it old-school, both the wanking and the shades, and invest in a pair of blazing orange Ray-Ban Wayfarers instead. Get them at Urban Outfitters.


The Quiet Life – Splash S/S Shirt 80s

Nineties style is all about colors and jamming as much of it into your outfit as possible. Take the easy way by rocking this crazy colorful shirt by The Quiet Life, which features the decades’ most popular hues in just one piece of garm. You can cop yours at Flatspot.


Only NY – Bauhaus Tee

Wear this minty-fresh tee under your unbuttoned shirt and pair it with an eight-pound cell phone and an immaculate hairdo for that unchallenged Zack Morris steez. Get it directly from the source.


Bee Line – Ikat Short

Made famous by Screech in Saved by the Bell and then reappropriated and refined by the international hipster elite in the aughts, patterned bottoms have since successfully rid themselves of their rather questionable rep. So head on over here to get a hold of the ones above by Bee Line.


Jeremy Scott x Swatch – Yellow Flash Watch

Though being a fundamental element in another classic ’90s TV show (“Synchronise Swatches” – Parker Lewis Can’t Lose), I decided to include Swatch anyway. Don’t know if I’ve ever seen anyone rocking them on Saved by the Bell. However, I know I did and most of you did as well. I mean what else was there? Back then our sartorial range of fire did not exceed the local mall. And if you happened to live in some small-ass village in the middle of nowhere you were probably stuck with telling the time by the position of the sun. Head over to Opening Ceremony to get your hands on the above Swatch x Jeremy Scott collab.


Nike Air Trainer SC High VNTG QS

Endorsed by professional baseball and American football player Bo Jackson, the Nike Air Trainer was originally released in the late ’80s but retained its popularity throughout the ’90s. By now a rather rare find, the classic cross trainer silhouette will see a full blown comeback at the end of the month as part of Nike’s Vintage Pack. You can purchase them from Overkill.

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