We continue our ongoing series, Cycling New York, with a bicycle trip across the Manhattan Bridge to Brooklyn’s beautiful Fort Greene neighborhood. Established in the early 1800s as home to the Brooklyn Navy Yard, Fort Greene, or “The Hill” as some called it, holds a special place in Brooklyn’s diverse history. Citizens of Manhattan began populating Fort Greene during the mid-1800s as ferry service allowed for commuting between the borough and the island.

Today Fort Greene remains as diverse as ever and offers some of the most beautiful and scenic streets in all of Brooklyn. We traveled into “The Hill” to spend a late morning at Ft. Greene’s Greenmarket held every Saturday throughout the year. It also offered us the opportunity to take the Nokia Lumia 928 Windows Phone for another photographic “test drive.”

Located on the corner of Dekalb Avenue and Washington Park on the east side of Fort Greene Park, the Greenmarket assembled a selection of producer growers, fishmongers, wine makers and more. Like farmer’s markets held throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn, the Greenmarket caters to urban clientele looking for locally-produced and raised goods without having to leave the confines of their neighborhoods. We happen to enjoy the baked goods from Baker’s Bounty and the apple cider from Bad Seed.

With the Nokia Lumia 928 phone, featuring an 8.7-megapixel camera (and that world-class Carl Zeiss lens we keep talking about), we parked our bicycle outside the park for a stroll through the market. We share these photographs, taken during the afternoon, to share our views of the Fort Greene Greenmarket.

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All images photographed with the Pureview camera on the Nokia Lumia 928 Windows Phone.


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