We’re gradually covering each and every summer activity, one Buyer’s Guide at a time. After our guide on 10 Awesome BBQ Gadgets and Accessories, then came 10 Great Picnic Accessories. Next up on our hit list is something we pine after throughout the workweek: a casual tipple. Or perhaps a slightly less casual tipple, hopefully in the company of friends. And if it turns into a raucous party, so be it, but it could definitely benefit from some of the following accessories. We’ve left out the cliche-frat-boy-novelty-tat for an assortment of relatively useful things that will get you on your way to responsible beverage enjoyment.


iPhone 4/4s Bottle Opener Case

A bottle opener iPhone app would be the most popular app in the App Store. Physical restrictions mean it remains impossible, but some genius has decided to create a case with a built in bottle opener to answer our wishes. You can purchase yours here.


Beer Saver Reusable Caps 

Pop one of these resuable caps on your beer for when you want to keep it fresh while you’re MIA. They come in a pack of six so you can give five out to your mates while you take a break from all the exhausting beer-swigging. Get them here.


French Cocktail Set

Sometimes you’ve just got to try a little harder and rustle up a proper drink. This French cocktail set contains all the little tools necessary to make all manner of cocktails, from a Margarita to a Mojito and everything in between. Purchase one here.


The PDT Cocktail Book 

If you have no idea what the majority of the sticks and things in the cocktail set above are, or how to use them, The PDT Cocktail Book will make sure you do. With step-by-step instructions and recipes it will teach you how to make all the best cocktails, from the classics to the more unusual drinks. Buy yourself one from here.


Polar Bear Ice Tray

If you can excuse the cutesy theme of this ice tray, it’s actually really cleverly designed. The sealed closure ensures no smells will contaminate your ice, which means in turn they won’t contaminate your drinks. Vital when you’re shaking up some fine-ass martinis. Get hold of one here.


Bytox Hangover Prevention Patch

By now you should be well and truly seeing double. But it might not be too late to save yourself – at least partially – from a stonking hangover. Containing a generous dose of vitamin B complex, the Hangover Prevention Patch replenishes what’s lost in the process of alcohol consumption. You can buy a pack here.


Himalyan Salt Tequila Glasses

Shots – turns out they can be enjoyable. All you need is a bottle of the finest Patron and some of these glasses carved from the best Himalayan pink salt, and your taste buds will be graced with a salty twinge, perfectly complementing the tequila. Get yourself a set here.


Shot Flask

If you’re taking your drinking on the road – hopefully not literally – you could seriously benefit from a hip flask that features a hidden shot glass. It allows you to pour a precise 2-ounce shot whenever desired, for sharing or not sharing alike. Buy one here.


The Hungover Cookbook

A solid hangover can reduce you to any kind of beastly state. A meal will make or break you, so it’s important to choose carefully. This book offers dozens of recipes, graphic tests for analyzing your state of mind and quizzes for tracking your progress. An important addition for the morning after. Buy yourself one from Amazon.


The Beer Buckle

Absolutely ridiculous and completely genius in equal measures. The Beer Buckle might be totally ugly, but I give the utmost props to anybody with the confidence to saunter round a party carrying their beer bottle, hands-free, from their crotch area. If you wanna be that guy, buy one here.

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