Another week, another five Tumblrs for you to enjoy scrolling through. This week’s selection includes a plethora of beautiful redheads and a Tumblr that dissects the kind of guy who tweets “make me a sandwich, bitch.” Let us know what you think of this week’s selection and as always, feel free to leave your Tumblr in the comments section below. With a bit of luck, you’ll see yours here next week.


Exploding Actresses

Many of the greatest Tumblrs are self-explanatory, Exploding Actresses is definitely one of them. Featuring scenes from movies like Dirty Dancing and The Wizard of Oz, even Disney’s leading ladies are seen spontaneously combusting.


Make Me a Sandwich Bitch

That not-so-hilarious phrase “make me a sandwich bitch” and its users finally get their come-uppance. This blog scours Twitter for those tweeting it and pairs it up with some of their other tweets, giving an amusing and insightful view into the kind of guy still using it.


Pretty Colors

“A collaborative flow of pretty colors as selected by the Tumblr community.” It’s a relatively simple concept but I managed to spend an alarming amount of time on here mesmerized by the never-ending assortment of colors.


Who Wore it Better

A play on the popular concept of comparing two celebrities wearing the same outfit, Who Wore it Better is an ongoing visual research project that juxtaposes similarities and associations within contemporary art and culture, from Picasso to Beyonce.


Las Pelirrojas

Discovered via the comments section of our list from a couple of weeks back, Las Pelirrojas features the finest selection of redheads on the web in varying states of dress.

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