A Weekend Guide: 6 Summer Scents For The Home 1

We know just how much you love your candles, so we’ve pulled together six of our latest discoveries that go well with summer. Whether you’re looking for one to bring you to a different continent, or if you’re searching to relive nostalgia from your childhood camp days, this list has got you covered. They’ll probably make great gifts for others too.

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Baxter of California for Unionmade KML Candle

KML holds a scent inspired by campfires, burning wood, the great outdoors and all that stuff. The bold blend of Cedar and Sandlewood moderated by Guiacwood Oil gives off a musky tone. An ideal option for those that enjoy the smell of outdoors in the comfort of your own home. ($30)

The Motley Camp Blend Soy Candle

Another option for those that enjoy the smell of the great outdoors, this time with a lighter spring scent. Notes of California laurel, willow, wild grass and blackberry remind us of those mornings as we catch the sunrise. ($38)

Chicago Candle Co.Whiskey Gingerale Candle

Warm and buttery would be an understatement when describing this candle. We’ve had it at the office for about a week and the aroma spreads (even without burning it.) Notes of whiskey and gingerale blend together perfectly like the smell of a cinnamon roll. ($14 – 28)

Colette “Cinema Paridiso” Candle

We’re still unsure what this candle smells like, but we’re sure the folks at Colette know a thing or too about great smells. The design itself might be captivating enough to purchase. Read more about the candle here ($30)

Tom Dixon Eclectic Series Candles: London

For those that want a scent to bring them somewhere else, consider the London candle inspired by the smell of red bricks, London parks with crocoses, nettles, and the salty smell of the Thames river. The candle is poured into a copper vessel and comes with a solid marble lid. A beautiful piece to have in your house. ($80)

For the kick of it: Joya and Oliver Ruuger Candle

This is definitely not your everyday candle, unless have just that much money to spare. We can’t imagine just how this artisan candle might smell like, but we’re sure Joya Studios and Oliver Ruuger have a trick or two up their sleeves. See our in-depth look at the candle here ($450)

Words by Denise Taw
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