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Portugal-based motorcycle customizer Ton-Up Garage unveiled its latest creation. The bike, nicknamed Amazonia, is specifically designed to meet the needs of its off-road riding owner. Parts such as tires, foot pegs and bars have been accordingly reworked to achieve a distinct off-road appearance, however, without compromising good on-road handling. Starting off with an air box elimination kit to increase power, the Ton-Up team installed a Zard Short exhaust, which compliments both the designs of the injected and carbureted versions of the Triumph Scrambler. The rear mudguard was replaced with a shorter one, while the front mudguard was lifted slightly. The seat is custom fabricated and the old-school off-road bars have been updated with Magura levers. The rear shocks have been replaced with Öhlins units, and the forks’ spring are now Öhlins progressive springs. Topping it off, the bike was spray-painted in a beautiful slightly matte deep green color.

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