Another week, another five Tumblrs for you to enjoy scrolling through. Today’s lineup features comments in reaction to the recently released gameplay trailer for Grand Theft Auto V, some stunning natural beauties, and a reminder of how great life was when it was in 8-bit graphics. Let us know what you think of this week’s selection and feel free to leave your Tumblr in the comments section below. With a bit of luck, you’ll see yours here next week.


Rap Poems

The magic of memes is giving any phrase sentimental meaning when positioned over a dreamy, lo-fi landscape background. Not least some of the lines from these rappers.



The maker of this Tumblr creates scenes using only 8-bit graphics. It’s got us all nostalgic over our old NES consoles, seeing how great those twinkly lights look compared to our whatever-bit computer graphics we’re stuck with now.


GTA V Trailer Comments

Despite some people’s fondness over 8-bit graphics, the new Grand Theft Auto V gaming footage that was released this week is blowing people’s minds. This Tumblr has put some of those comments into meme form.


Shit Bloggers Wear

Fashion collections may have many looks, but all the best fashion bloggers have “the one” item, and this Tumblr sketches them all up.



You can rely on this Tumblr to provide you with a healthy amount of the most beautiful girls, and there’s even some paintings thrown in there to make the viewing feel slightly less guilty.

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