Tune in and turn up

Definitely one of this year’s most anticipated albums, Earl Sweatshirt‘s Doris is due out on August 20. The album will be the follow-up to his 2010 debut mixtape, EARL. If you haven’t heard them already, be sure to listen to the album’s already released records: “Chum,” “Whoa” and “Guild.”

01. “Pre”
02. “Burgandy”
03. “20 Wave Caps”
04. “Sunday”
05. “Hive”
06. “Chum”
07. “Sasquatch”
08. “Centurion”
09. “S23”
10. “Uncle Al”
11. “Guild”
12. “Molasses”
13. “Whoa”
14. “Horse”
15. “Knight”

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