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Premium watch customizer Blaken teamed up with leading BMW tuner AC Schnitzer to redefine the luxury watch-car combination. For the collaboration, anyone now buying an ACS6 Gran Coupé also has the opportunity to order a Blaken Explorer II with AC Schnitzer branding. The options don’t end there, however. The right wrist counterpart is available for every other model, too, attracting attention both on and off the road.

Both the dial of the Blaken Explorer II and the associated AC Schnitzer car gleam in a matte copper tone, while the reinterpreted BMW 6-Series gets a performance upgrade to 360 horsepower. New twin-sport rear silencers, a different braking system, and a beefed up body kit round off the list of enhancements for the ACS6 Gran Coupé. As with all of both companies’ offerings, endless additional options are available for an utterly unique product.

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