Where the runway meets the street

It goes without saying that fashion weeks are there to give us a strong indication of the kind of trends to expect from upcoming seasons. But sometimes it’s the sartorial choices of the attendees, not the models, that act as a style barometer for predicting where the world of men’s fashion is heading. We set up camp at all of the men’s fashion events taking place throughout Europe, including Pitti UomoMilan Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week, and although each location may be tailored towards a slightly different clientele, particular trends and looks have been recurring throughout.

While we might not be working all of these trends on a day-to-day basis just yet, it’s good to get an idea of what trends are bubbling under the surface at fashion weeks in order to prepare ourselves for when they inevitably spill over into our wardrobes.


1. Camouflage

Camouflage is a trend that fashion just can’t make up its mind about, and this time it appears to be, once again, back in. It’s either blacklisted as the ultimate faux-pas, or it’s the flavor of the month, and it takes no time at all to flip from one to the other. But having already played a huge part in Mark McNairy’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection, its homecoming has been cemented with its prevalence across the fashion week streets of Europe. Return to the army apparel at your peril.


2. Layers of Black

Even in the relatively warmer months, black still reigns supreme among the style-savvy. This time around though, we were left with the distinct impression that black is back in an abundance of layers and a variety of proportions. Longer length tees and vests over cropped trousers, roll-top necks and hooded sweatshirts, trailing cardigans and zip-up vests – pile it all on.

It might be worth noting that this trend has an even stronger impact if you work it en masse. Couple it with trend number four, coordinating your outfit with your mate, and you’ve got a serious vibe going on.


3. Baseball Jerseys

Sportswear in a high-fashion forum is just too good a combination to not do, and we saw it in abundance at both the Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks. It translates just as well into everyday dressing, and it won’t cost a fortune to look the part. In fact, the more real your jersey, the more successful your look. Get digging around for your old high school baseball shirt, pair it with something luxe, and a cigarette hanging loosely from your lips and you’ve got an outfit that screams “my look is so on point that I can throw together anything I own and work it, even if it’s something back from when I played Little League baseball.” Or, if you want to take the high-fashion route, hit up Alexander Wang, who’s upcoming collection ticks all those baseball boxes.


4. Coordinating Your Outfit with Your Mate

The only thing stronger than an outfit of pure sprezzatura is two outfits of pure sprezzatura. It’s not unusual for friends to share similar tastes in fashion, so why not cash in on the resemblance of your wardrobes and create that look twice over? From twin Supreme caps in Paris, to the dapper gents in Milan as seen above, even the girls in Florence were at it in matching florals.

Make sure both parties are in on this trend, it won’t bode well if you turn up to the same event as your mate, having just copied their entire outfit without their prior knowledge. Remember, you’re a team.


5. Clutch Bags

One step up from the Anti-Bag – which involves clasping your belongings tightly in your hand, no carrier necessary – is the clutch. It needn’t be restricted only to women’s fashion,   because everybody should be allowed the luxury of carrying their necessities of the day in a handle-less pouch. It’s a sign of wealth and status, the chances of leaving a clutch behind on public transport are high – a risk that’s completely eliminated if you’re taking the chauffeur-driven route around town.

This look has to be carried off with aplomb. Stride confidently with it and never doubt your decision for a minute or you’ll be left looking like you’re carrying your girlfriend’s bag.


6. Girls

For the ultimate power move, complete your outfit with the most exclusive accessory: a super hot, stylish woman. That creative director guy who was banking on the juxtaposition of his tailored suit jacket against an oversized Chicago Bulls vest getting him to the top of all the street style blogs, he’s just been blown straight out of the water with your fashion strategy. Casually saunter in past the flocks of waiting photographers and leave your fellow fashion-enthusiasts trembling in the wake of your joint stylish-nonchalance.

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