It’s been over nine months since we last featured an iPhone 5 cases Buyer’s Guide. That’s basically three seasons ago, so by now you must be desperate to replace your current case. With no confirmed release date for the next iPhone model just yet, you can be rest assured you’re still in possession of the most desired smartphone on the market. Celebrate its large screen and slender curves with one of the 10 cases we found – from the downright practical to the slightly more novel, we got it covered.


Pantone Case in Zen

The iPhone 5 might have a sleek design, but it sure is devoid of color. Spruce it up with some from the guys who do it best, Pantone. This case comes in a variety of bold and refreshing colors, but we’ve gone for “Zen.” You can buy it from SOTO.


Bumpr Case  

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that an iPhone case is actually there to protect your phone, not just to make it look fancy. This Bumpr case comes with either a black “bumper” or a more vibrant shade, so you can do both. Get hold of one here.



The minimalist accessories label Cote&Ciel have pulled through with another minimal accessory. This iPhone 5 case has a built-in card pouch, consolidating your phone and wallet into one neat holder. Buy it from Present London.


Mophie Juice Pack

The better the phone, the more you want to use it. The more you use it, the quicker the battery dies. The Mophie Juice Pack is here to save the day, with up to 100% extra battery power at the flip of a switch in a slim design. Get one online.


C6 White

The iPhone 5 case from C6 is made from molded plastic, attaches easily via a snap fastening, and internally has a fabric lining to keep your phone safe and snug. The white exterior has a matte finish, resulting in a clean look. You can buy one from oki-ni.


Pentry Case

Not all iPhone cases have to be straight-laced and practical. This form-fitting case allows users to fashion their own statement with the 26 interchangeable silicone letters that are included. Get hold of one for your phone here.


Incase Leather Mod

The masters of case design, Incase, have brought some serious sophistication to their iPhone cases with this genuine leather case for a comfortable, tactile grip. And you thought your iPhone 5 couldn’t get any classier. Get hold of one here.


Cold Smoke Handcarved Walnut Case

If the advanced technology of the iPhone 5 has left you feeling cold, then get back to nature with this solid walnut case. Hand-carved with a flat head knife in Japan, Cold Smoke collaborate with traditional craftsmen and combine it with modern design. You can purchase one here.


Valentine Goods Ostrich Back

Add some serious luxury to your iPhone 5 with one of Valentine Goods’ premium and exotic leather backs. They stick to your phone with an adhesive especially developed for Valentine Goods so it leaves no residue. Buy yours directly from the source.


iFoolish Magic Drawing Case

Etch A Sketch were THE toy back in the day, or at least back in my day. You could get full size ones, miniature ones, even ones atop a pen. And now you can get one on the back of your iPhone 5. God bless the person who designed this. Available here.

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