At the risk of attracting more scathing comments from our readers, today’s Weekly Outfit goes by the theme of Urban Safari. Instigated by the variety of matching shorts-and-shirts combos we’ve seen, the variety of awesome prints available at the moment, and solidified by Pigalle‘s recent inclusion of head-to-toe prints in their Spring/Summer 2014 show, I’m sure we’re onto a winner here. If not, then feel free to leave your comments of disgust below.


Shades of Grey Ikat Print Shirt

These short-sleeved button-down shirts signal summer with an inch more of chest showing through that open collar. The bold Ikat print stops it from veering into Hawaiian shirt territory and keeps it looking fresh. This Shade of Grey one is available now from Wellgosh.


Shades of Grey Ikat Print Shirt

Double up your prints when they’re this good. Keep the bottom half shorts because it’s summer and that’s how we do tailoring in summer. You can buy them from the same store as the shirt, here.


 Vans Old Skool Vintage

Relish in the nostalgia of these Old Skool Vans skate shoes. That iconic stripe in white leather contrasts against a plush suede mustard brown upper. Buy a pair now from End Clothing.


Democratique Socks

Everybody’s flexing a strong sock game this season, so take it to the next level by matching your socks to your shoes. This pair are available from Open Lifestyle Store.


Maiden Noir Leaf Camo Belt

We warned you on #1 of our 6 Trends to Watch Out For from Spring/Summer 2014 that camouflage is making a comeback. Get a head start with this Maiden Noir leaf camo belt. Cop one directly from the source.


Han Kjobenhavn Janitor Sunglasses

Go for some decent, simple sunnies to shade you from the glare of the sun and your Ikat two-piece. These ones from Han Kjobenhavn are just the ticket. Buy them now from SOTO.

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