Cycling New York to Brooklyn Flea Markets with the Nokia Lumia 928 2

The flea market scene in Brooklyn, New York has been an annual attraction for those searching and hunting for obscure and unique objects for gifts and decoration. In the summer, the flea markets move outdoors with Brooklyn Flea leading the pack with various outdoor locations in Fort Greene and Williamsburg (they have recently expanded to Philadelphia as well!).

We took a bicycle ride over the Manhattan Bridge to explore the sights and sounds of Brooklyn Flea this past Saturday. Armed with the Nokia Lumia 928 Window Phone, we stopped to photograph some of our favorites goods on sale for reasonable prices.

The Brooklyn Flea Saturday edition takes over a school playground on the corner of Lafayette between Vanderbilt Avenue and Clermont Avenue. It’s been housed every summer in this location since as far back at 2008. This location is a beautiful one sheltered in the one of the oldest communities in Brooklyn. Visitors may enter Brooklyn Flea from various locations on the school grounds.

This summer chair is a standout this week at Brooklyn Flea. Not exactly the adirondack chair I’ve been looking to add to my space but beautiful enough. The Zeiss lens on the Nokia Lumia 928 does a great job of bringing out the patina of the wood on this one.

Old sign letterforms are in abundance at the Brooklyn Flea. Come early enough and you’ll be able to select your favorites, perfect for your wall or a sign for your business. We love the slight wear and rust that gives these letters a life of their own.

Reclaimed wood turned put to new use can be found throughout the Brooklyn Flea. This vendor sells benches as well as antique chairs and paintings.

Looking for an old industrial-style lamp? You’ll likely find it at the Brooklyn Flea. Most wiring in the lamps are compatible with today’s plugs but ask to make sure.

Food is, of course, important at all flea markets as shopping takes some energy. Stop in at the far end of the Brooklyn Flea for a variety of eats and drinks.

A special bonus for those commuting over to the flea market, this location not only sells bicycles but also has an on-site bicycle shop to help with your minor repairs and flayed tires. It is a great addition to the scene here and ensures that those riding New York City keep their bicycles on the road and stay safe.

All images photographed with the Pureview camera on the Nokia Lumia 928 Windows Phone.

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Check out some of our photos from the day below shot with the Nokia Lumia 928 and an iPhone.

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