We (this includes, of course, our readership) have our fashion game on lock, no doubt about that. However, when it comes to the vast and at times confusing world of bicycle accessories we could still learn a thing or two. To ensure the best possible Buyer’s Guide, we reached out to London-based Brick Lane Bikes. These dudes run a well-stocked store that provides the serious bicycle aficionado with everything to satisfy his urgent needs and even more desperate wants. These fellas know their shit, for sure, and they are more than willing to share this wisdom with us and curate this week’s Buyer’s Guide. See more after the jump.

BLB Rainbow Allen Keys

These are the perfect mix of function and style. For the quick emergency tighten, nothing beats these Rainbow Allen keys: a good set of nine quality Allen keys with rounded corners to get in the most difficult of gaps. Working on your bike doesn’t have to be grey and we know a colorful tool set will always make us smile. Purchase these from Bikelands.


ASS Saver

The emergency mudguard that’s there when you need it and gone when you don’t. The Ass Savers are made from polypropylene sheets that are leftover from the printing industry. These great fenders are cool, light and eco-friendly. You can buy them directly from the source.


YNOT Duck & Cover Backpack

The Duck & Cover backpack boasts an internal back pad, additional shoulder strap comfort, a suspended liner for superior waterproofing, and a larger size than its little brother. The flexible capacity of this efficient mid-sized day bag means it can morph in size to carry various loads. The perfect backpack for your daily rides. You can buy it from Brick Lane Bikes.


Milltag Dope Jersey

If you are a Lycra fan, a lover-of-jokes and like vintage-inspired designs, this is the perfect jersey for you. The inspiration for the design came from a mutual love of the more psychedelic pro-jerseys of the past and the constant pharmaceutical cloud that hangs over the sport. However, the message is simple. They believe in “looking dope, not using dope.” Get it straight from Milltag.


BLB Rack and Basket Combo

I am a big fan of baskets, especially on a hot sunny day where they avoid me having to carry a backpack and gradually acquire a sweaty back. This Rack and Basket combo is extremely stylish and will look great as a combo or with the rack on its own. Light, strong and shiny, a must-have! Buy it now from Brick Lane Bikes.


BLB Cycling Gloves

Looking for extra comfort on your handlebars? These stylish gloves are the answer you were looking for, crochet string back with cuff adjusters and synthetic leather/suede palm with foam padding. The best thing about them? They come in three different colors so you can be sure to match them to your bike or outfit. Available from Brick Lane Bikes.


BLB Mosquito Leather Saddle

Made from high-quality genuine leather, the BLB Mosquito offers style and comfort at an unbeatable price. Beautifully finished with a pure leather saddle and polished Cro-Mo rails, it’s supplied with saddle tensioning tools, spanner and Allen key, and protecting cloth bag. Plus, it’s available in four different colors. Buy it from Cycle Project Store.


The 5th Floor Media Pouch

This media pouch allows the safe and convenient storage of phones or compact cameras. Its tough construction and vinyl interior make the case weatherproof. The best feature is the modular system on the rear that ensures the case is useful on all backpacks and messenger bags alike. All this and it’s handmade in the UK. You can buy it here.


Vintage Cycling Caps

This is a classic essential for every cyclist. Pro riders used them a hundred years ago and still do now, along with amateur cyclists and urban commuters alike. If you ride in summer or winter, with or without a helmet, make sure you have one of these on your head. Lastly, you can find these in hundreds of different colors, patterns and brands, all from Brick Lane Bikes.


YNOT Lock Holster

Don’t wanna carry a bag just because of your lock? The lock holster is a great, simple idea that will allow you to carry your mini-D lock without even noticing it. Light and strong, most of the times they feature reflective strips to make you’re more visible on nighttime rides. Get hold of one from YNOT CYCLE.

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