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Today we are happy to share with you one of Spike Lee’s teaching tools in his role as a professor at New York University. In the clip below, Lee goes on to introduce the list of what he considers “the greatest films ever made.” “If you want to be a filmmaker,” he says, “you should see these films.” Lee’s entire list can be seen after the jump.

I’ve Been A Professor At The NYU Graduate Film For The Past 15 Years.The 1st Day Of Every Class I Hand Out My List Of Films That I Feel You Must See If You Want To Make Films. Please Look At This List And See What You Might Have Missed. As I Tell My Students If You Want Your Film “Game” To Be Tight You Must Have Seen Great Movies, World Cinema, It Just Can’t Be Hollywood Films. Educate Yourself. Learn. Grow. Evolve. Make Great Films.

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