HEX Gear Bag for Cameras 2

One of our number one pet peeves when it comes to photo gear bags, is when the bag can easily be identified as a gear bag from a mile away. HEX‘s Gear Bag’s stylish design is low profile enough that it could pass off as an ordinary piece of soft-shell luggage. It is not obnoxiously over-branded which is always a plus.

As always, function over form when it comes to gear bags. No point in looking sharp if it isn’t going to protect the gear. The HEX Gear Bag has two main compartments, supplemented by several smaller external compartments. The largest of the two main compartments is virtually infinitely customizable with adjustable velcro-fit padded bulkheads. The depth of this compartment is above average, in that you could easily fit an SLR camera body with battery grip and lens attached. We had it kitted up with two body’s and a modest assortment of lenses, while testing.

The smaller of the main compartments houses a laptop, as well as memory cards, hard drive, moleskines and more For the amount of gear that we were able to jam into this bag, it is impressive that it was still able to fit fully underneath a commercial airplane seat. The only complaint that we had about the HEX bag is that there is no way to externally fasten a tripod or monopod. But overall, we were very pleased with both the style and functionality this quality gear bag. Available from HEX for $175.

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