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Beats Electronics introduces the next generation of the company’s iconic Beats by Dre Studio headphone. The new Beats Studio marks an elevated standard of quality, innovation and design for everything Beats brings to market moving forward. Each pair of the new Beats Studio headphones is precisely tuned with new custom digital software called the Beats Acoustic Engine (BAE). The new design features lighter materials, increased strength, improved flexibility, and an acute attention to detail. There are no visible screws. The new design also features an ergonomic adjustment mechanism around the ear cups that enables them to adjust to the head without restriction.

The new Beats Studio is a noise-canceling headphone with a rechargeable, 20-hour lithium-ion battery. A five-light LED battery fuel gauge indicates how much charge is left while an auto on/off feature automatically shuts down the headphone once it is unplugged. The new Beats Studio retails for $299.95 USD and will be widely available beginning August 2013 at beatsbydre.com.

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