The stages of grooming vary from very basic – showering only when the odors become apparent to you or those around you, to complex – spending five hours or more at the barbers. It’s best to keep your approaches to grooming at a moderate level, in order not to compromise on your quality of life, but to still ensure you make the best out of every situation. Look good, smell good and you’ll feel good. With any luck, you might even make someone else feel good.

We called upon the barbers and male grooming specialists of Murdock London – who, with five barbers across London and their own range of styling products, release the dapper potential of gentlemen on a daily basis – to get their knowledge on which products are essential for the ultimate in everyday grooming, so we don’t fall short of respectable standards.


Murdock London Shave Cream

Our Shave Cream features a unique combination of natural ingredients that effectively moisturise your skin as you shave. Evening primrose, borage, sunflower, green tea and marshmallow combine to provide as smooth a shave as possible, topped off by the refreshing citrus scent of our classic Avalon Cologne. The cream is ideal for all skin types and can be applied by hand or, for the best and most traditional results, you can create a lather with one of our Badger Shaving Brushes and Shaving Bowls. Buy it from Murdock themselves.


Sweet Georgia Brown Pomade

Sweet Georgia Brown is one of the finest and most recognized pomades in the world – ever providing the final touch to a sharp new haircut, with both variants in constant demand from dapper gents alike. Red is medium in terms of weight and suits all types of hair, offering great hold and a slick look. Blue offers a stronger hold than the red variety, making it particularly good for curly hair, and provides a matte finish. Buy it from Stylishcare.


Murdock London Double Edge Ernest Razor

The first step to cutthroat shaving, our traditional double edge safety razors use inexpensive disposable blades which are easily slotted into place. Both sides of the blade can be used, making them a highly economical choice. As opposed to cutthroat blades, the Ernest is easy and less intimidating to use, giving a close and straightforward shave, while maintaining a little more style and durability than high-street safety razors. Get your hands on one from Murdock.


Sachajuan Volume Shampoo

Sachajuan’s Volume Shampoo creates structure for fine, thinning and sensitive hair. The well-balanced formula rebuilds hair fiber and promotes shine, stability and of course, volume. This is a professional standard shampoo to be used at home for refreshing salon-quality results. Their label design is cool Scandinavian minimalism, too. You can get your hands on this from Amazon.


Murdock London Hair Doh

This shaping paste is the best choice for styling quiffs freely and creating long-lasting shapes that actually stay in place. It gives bold separation willingly and allows you to form a consistent style with ease. With an excellent scent to match, this is an indisputable all-round hair product. You can get your hands on some here.


Jack Black Pit Boss

Creamier in appearance and more fragrantly assuring than most regular roll-ons, Pit Boss offers superior protection from odor and wetness in a gentle formula that doesn’t irritate skin. The invisible solid glides on easily, leaving no trace of residue on skin or clothes and provides an incredibly fresh, long lasting scent. Buy this perspiration-buster from their website.


Captain Fawcett’s Moustache Wax

This fantastic wax is based on an original recipe perfected in the 1900s by Captain Peabody Fawcett. It provides excellent hold, allowing your mustache to be worn in a range of dashing styles. Available in three flavors; Lavender, Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang, this wax is the go-to product for any gent sporting a well-tailored ‘stache. Buy it now from Captain Fawcett himself.


Murdock London Black Tea Cologne

Blended to perfection by our boutique perfumers, Black Tea is a spicy yet subtle fragrance that has proven to be one of our most popular products. Black Tea is a complex, exotic, oriental fragrance for men with notes of leather and tobacco that combine to form a truly vibrant and distinctive gentleman’s cologne. To make this scent a part of your collection buy it over at Murdock.


Kent Pocket Folding Comb

Compact and light, this essential grooming accessory is ideal for daily use and accessibility. Quite simply, every gent should own one. Kent’s folding combs fit neatly in your pocket, clip on to shirts, and guarantee that wherever you may be, not a single hair will be out of place. Get one from Kent now.


Jack Black Double-Duty Face Moisturizer

Ideal for regular use, this lightweight moisturizer provides an advanced facial treatment with a built-in sunscreen, SPF 20. With Jack Black comes assured quality and effectiveness and this moisturizer keeps your face feeling effectively fresh all day. Buy it now from Jack Black.

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