Tune in and turn up

Puppets, retro tracksuits and waterbeds all make an appearance in this week’s carefully compiled list. Sit back and relax as we bring you five of the best music video delights from around the globe.

Night Moves – Colored Emotions (Dir. Isaac Gale & David Jensen)

Nightmoves: Reminding everyone why waterbeds are sexy.

Starred – LA Drugs (Dir. Focus Creeps & Man Kim Atelier)

All I see is Courtney Love, although I think there may be a hidden, deeper meaning behind this one. Constantly handed drugs and alcohol from those that surround them, the puppets might represent the troubled Hollywood stars of today and how impressionable a peer group can be.

Anika – In The City (Dir. Kyle Whittington & Joe Broady)

Sit back and enjoy this seedy yet hilarious video accompaniment to Anika’s fabulous Glass Candy cover. With the tracksuits, haircuts and glum faces this has Eastern Europe written all over it.

Arctic Monkey – Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High (Dir. NABIL)

Of course, you only need to see the word ‘NABIL’ to know that this video is really fucking great. Here we see Mr. Turner doing what every schmuck in his time has done – drunk texting and it’s refreshing to see even the epitome of rock ‘n’ roll cool making an ass of himself (albeit with quiff in pristine condition).

Youth Lagoon – Raspberry Cane (Dir. Stephen McNally)

This is what happens when men and monsters meet in a shrouded swirl of bewonder. For me this video reaches its climax when the Phoenix burns bright into an electricity pylon.

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