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WP Lavori in Corso, with the help of the Inventory team in Canada, celebrates more than 30 years of success, influence, and integrity with their book, Thirty Years of Research in Style. WP Lavori played a huge roll in the incorporation of international brands into the Italian and European markets, and defined how a generation thinks about clothing and design. Before opening their first retail venture in Bologna, Italy, WP Lavori spent three years traveling and researching the right collections and labels to bring into the new emerging Italian market.

The book takes a look at WP’s history beginning in 1982, with special focus on the past 10 years of friends, partners and collaborators. Look for interviews with the founder Cristina Calori, and other important team members as well as sit downs with some of the most influential designers from Mark McNairy to Tokihito Yoshida. We think this is a must read for anyone who claims an interest in the history of fashion. Available from Amazon for $42.

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