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Nostalgia for childhood days can get hella boring. I’m pretty sure it fuelled the (hopefully on its way out) cupcake revolution and it’s way too early in the week to get into adults on scooters or onesies, let’s have a peaceful Monday.  However, contradicting everything I’ve just said, there are some back in the day items that are pretty hard to let go of. Yo yos, little bouncy balls, anything featuring Charlie Brown & The Peanuts gang and all forms of model airplanes. Who hasn’t folded their credit card bill up in boredom and tried to shape the most aerodynamic plane the world has ever see? If you get bored of origami, Tait, a Michigan based design company, offer these ‘Turbo Flyer’ airplanes, printed and assembled by hand, Balsa wood beauties are available in four colours, “In field tests, Turbo Flyer has soared for 50 feet – but the packaging is so nice you’ll probably never want to take it out.” Too right. Find them here.

Words by Lena Dystant
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