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For the third installment in our ongoing Las Vegas interview series, we catch up with Leo, one of the buyers from Boston’s renowned Bodega. As with Chris from KICKS/HI and David from Saint Alfred, we chat about the best things he saw at the shows, what he wants to see less of, and some general thoughts on the new Vegas shows. Read on to get some inside knowledge on what’s coming for Spring/Summer 2014.

1. Most exciting new brand you saw.
Rascals’ out of Copenhagen. They offered some nice, clever twists on tried and true pieces.

2. Your favorite overall SS14 collection.
The one that stood out the most so far is Maharishi. But Japanese market hasn’t shown yet, and neither has Acronym, so that answer may change in the next few months.

3. Your favorite individual SS14 product.
So far, these BDU shorts by Needles from their Rebuild line. They’re almost like Jodhpur pants, but they come up short like knickers. And since they’re from the Rebuild line, they’re constructed from recycled mil-spec fabric and pockets. Also, the return of the Air Max 98 next summer.

4. What did you buy that is new to your shop?
Needles from the Nepenthes JP crew. We’re also bringing back Maharishi into the shop. We carried them back when we first opened then communication fell off for some time, but they’ll be back in SS14. We’re introducing clothing from Han Kjøbenhavn as well. We’ve carried their sunglasses for a few seasons now, but the clothing for SS14 was too good to pass up.

5. Trends for SS14 that you’ve seen.
Floral, the ’90s and bomber jackets.

6. What would you like to see more of next season?
Innovation. Tech. Intelligent references for graphics.

7. What would you like to see less of next season?
Sublimated prints of Renaissance art. Hood by…, #Been…, Tupperware companies making clothes. People looking like Kanye and A$AP.

8. What are your thoughts on the changing landscape of the Vegas shows: Modern Assembly moving in with Agenda, Liberty, etc.
It’s a good move. Each show brings a certain aesthetic to the table, so it’s beneficial to us buyers to have all that variety in a centralized location. It’s a pain, especially in Vegas, to be hopping around the strip to get to all the different shows.

9. Favorite thing about Vegas.
LV is such an interesting place to me. It’s crazy how all of that is literally in the middle of nowhere; driving into the city at night emphasizes this sentiment. I guess my favorite thing would have to be the people-watching though: geriatrics at the machines, families being handed flyers for escorts, the older folk creeping behind the 20-30-year-olds in their club gear, etc.

10. Favorite place to eat in Vegas.
Based on my most recent experience there, I’ll say Ichiza out in Chinatown. If I’m trying to get ignorant with a crew, then Bacchanal at Caesar’s.

Interview: Pete Williams
Photo: Luis Ruano/

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